The vertical blind is a traditional product, which is ideal to cover ceiling to floor windows with great ease; alternatively, large windows, balcony doors, slanted windows, and stepped windows. There are no obstacles for our most versatile and functional blind. The vertical blind offers numerous alternatives in terms of colors and textures, making it a distinct and reliable product with an efficient control of light entrance.

The main benefits of this product is:
• New head of modern design in anodized aluminum.
• A mechanism that controlling the entrance of light into two movements: rotation and displacement of sheets.
• Independent control systems for the two sheet movements: chain and string.
• Mechanisms with various aperture choices that fit the needs of each window (lateral opening, opposite side, central and central gather.
• Renovated original and varied collections.
• Wide choice of colors and textures.
• It allows covering large windows (up to 25m2).
• Easy to clean and install.
• Guarantee.

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