Deco Blinds is a leading brand in the field of window covering/Treatment with more than ten years of experience in the market, offering a leading and innovating range of products and designs of exclusive content.

We guarantee that out products are made by the highest quality components for the most demanding clients and market standars. That's why we acknowledge giving an excellent product and service to meet all expectations. 

We currently have a wide network of distributors nationwide. As well as cutting edge technology controled by a team of specialized employees dedicated and committed to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our customers, "because the satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being."

If you want to know in detail about any of our products, we invite you to visit us through our website or one of our distributors, the date and time you choose.
Offer the best solutions in windows treatment, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers from the start of our manufacturing product to the installation of the same, making an efficient use of our resources to achieve a personalized, agile and sustainable attention.
Being the leading company for window coating and decorative solutions, distinguished by our quality and fashionable products with a high level of social responsibility and environmental care. Maintaining our commitment to our clients.
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